Rugby is a sport like no other, and UM Wolves RFC is a club like no other.  With open doors all year round, these are five reasons as to why we think you need to start playing rugby with the Wolves sooner rather than later.

1: Rugby is a sport for everyone

Rugby stands out as a sport accessible to all, transcending age, gender, body type, and ability level. Unlike some sports that prioritize specific physical attributes, rugby celebrates diversity and accommodates various skill sets within how it is played.

This stems from the versatile nature of the game: there is a position suitable for individuals of any size, strength, and ability: Whether you’re a towering forward or a nimble back, there’s a place for you on the rugby field.

Moreover, rugby fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork, emphasising mutual respect and support among players. This team spirit extends beyond the field, creating a welcoming community where everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute and its core values of integrity, discipline, respect and passion resonate with people from all walks of life, drawing them to the sport and creating a family environment like no other.

2: Wolves has a proven track record of introducing people to rugby

UM Wolves RFC has always been built on the principle of openness.  This means that we actively prioritise introducing as many new people as we can to the sport of rugby.

Out of the 82 players who as of February 2024 had donned the Wolves shirt in a competitive men’s match, a staggering 37 players can be termed as ‘homegrown’ – meaning that the began playing rugby with our club.

The same pattern can be seen in our women’s team: out of the current squad of 20 players, a staggering 16 of those began playing rugby with the Wolves.  Some of the club’s homegrown have even gone on to represent Malta at international level in Rugby Europe competitions and even at the Games of the Small States of Europe held in Malta in 2023.

All this points to one thing: we have a proven track record of introducing new players to rugby, and of helping them develop and improve their skillset as they train and play.

3: There’s no community like a rugby community

Rugby is a sport like no other largely due to the community aspect that the game brings. Community is the backbone that sustains the sport’s ethos and camaraderie.

From grassroots clubs to elite teams, rugby fosters a sense of belonging and mutual support among its members, and UM Wolves RFC is no different.

The tight-knit bonds formed within the rugby community extend beyond the field, creating lasting friendships and a bond similar to that of one big family. These communities provide a platform for personal growth, teamwork, and shared experiences, instilling values of respect, resilience, and inclusivity.

Whether cheering from the sidelines or scrumming down on the pitch, the collective spirit of the rugby community is what defines rugby, and there’s no greater pleasure than being a part of it.

4: We’ve got a great social atmosphere, with awesome events all year-round

While we place great emphasis on what happens on the pitch, we are also really big on what happens of it as well.

Throughout the season, our club organises a multitude of social events for members, the wider rugby community, and the general public to participate in and enjoy.

Ranging from community work, to rugby events such as touch rugby sessions at the University of Malta to an annual Beach Touch Rugby Tournament in summer, and to other social events like Pub Quizzes, Barbeques, camping trips, and even an Open Bar party, the season’s social calendar is chock-full of things you don’t want to miss.

Players also have their own teambuilding events: each squad has an annual training camp which meshes the rugby together with the social element, proving to be the perfect opportunity for building bonds within the team dynamic.

5: Wolves is THE up-and-coming rugby club

UM Wolves RFC is Malta’s newest rugby club having been founded as recently as 2017, and entered the local league structures in 2019 for the women’s team and 2021 for the men’s team.

This means that the club’s development arc has been steep: every year, every month, every game has brought about progression and continued pushing the club forward in the right direction.

Backed by a priority on good administration and sustainable financing, the club has invested in the necessary infrastructure, equipment, and coaching expertise as required to take it forward and to develop every player who comes into the club.

The positive results trickling in throughout 2023 and 2024 show that we are moving in the right direction – and that direction is up!

And we want you to be a part of it!

So however old you are, however much experience you may or may not have, and however fit or unfit you think you might be – now’s your chance to sign up and Join the Pack!

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