An island nation punching above its weight, Malta's rugby community is small but mighty, consistently making a name for itself on the international stage.

Rugby in Malta has a relatively short but vibrant history, marked by determination and passion. The sport found its roots on the island in the early 20th century, with the first recorded match taking place in the 1920s. British expatriates and servicemen stationed in Malta played a pivotal role in introducing and popularizing rugby.

In the following decades, rugby in Malta experienced intermittent growth, facing challenges such as limited resources and competition from more established sports. However, the establishment of the Malta Rugby Football Union (MRFU) in 2000 marked a turning point. The MRFU aimed to promote and develop rugby across the nation, providing a structured platform for the sport to flourish.

The 21st century saw an upsurge in interest and participation in rugby in Malta, and a number of clubs were established on the island over different periods of time.

There are currently five such clubs in existence, with UM Wolves RFC being the newest out of all of them.  Overseas RUFC have existed the longest, followed by Kavallieri RFC, Stompers RFC and finally Falcons RFC.

Three out of these – UM Wolves RFC, Stompers RFC, and Kavallieri RFC – currently also have active women’s sectors.

Malta’s men’s national team competes in Rugby Europe Conference South, and has consistently performed well – although promotion to the upper division in the pyramid has consistently eluded the country.  Still, Malta is ranked a highly respectable 44th in the world as it continues to punch above its weight on the international scene.

Domestically, the five senior men’s teams compete in a league structure known as the CISK League – named after the MRFU’s primary sponsor – and a Knock-Out Cup in a season which spans from October to May.  The winners of the previous season’s CISK League and Knock-Out Cup face off in what is known as the Ray Elliot Cup, which is the traditional curtain-raiser for the domestic season.

Meanwhile, women’s rugby is largely centred around Rugby Sevens, with three clubs playing in a round-robin format on 10 weekends in the season in order to determine the final winner of the MRFU Women’s Sevens Series.

Rugby is a growing sport in Malta, so there’s no time like the present to get into it and give it a try!  Check out the rest of this website to see how you can Join the Pack and do just that!